About The FooCan

The Foo Can is an off the wall magic publication that not only provides readers with some usable material, but also enjoys a sense of humor. We like telling it how it is.It launched in November 2001 and received a mixed response, there were those who loved it, those who hated it and those who just didn't understand it and thought we were just encouraging young magicians to do drugs.

Issue one had some great effects, gave people the first taste of our humor, and many subscribed on the basis of seeing issue one, even though the layout sucked.

Issue Two hit hard, more great magic, many layout improvements and some controversial humor that turned those who took us too seriously against us.

Then issue 3 came along... it was late being released, something we said we'd not do, and at the time many people were wondering if we had died because another magic publication was getting so much bad press for non-delivery at the time. Issue 3 was an odd one, we got more positive feedback about issue 3 than the first two issues had got together - and yet we still consider it the weakest issue of the first four. Just goes to show that what some magicians like - others don't, and visa-versa.

Issue 4 was the last published issue and many say it was the best so far and we wanted to go out on a high.

We did publish all four issues in a single bound volume which is still available here.