Who the fuck is Charles Brooks?

Many moons ago, in a long, distant and forgotten post on Genii forum, I pointed out the total lack of credits in books by Harry Lorayne, particularly ‘Close up Card Magic’.

Some months after the post I began getting emails that were made to look like they were from Harry himself. They were signed Harry Lorayne and the email address was harrylorayne@ea*thlink.n*t (I carefully edited that address with *’s on the advice of Richard Kaufman).

I ignored the emails as it was pretty obvious they were just from some total fruit loop (I figured probably the kind of guy who likes sticking his tadger up childrens bottoms), but my ignoring him seemed to upset him more, he kept sending them. Every one of them signed ‘Harry Lorayne’, even though I knew it wasn’t really Mr Lorayne.

He basically wanted me to back-up what I’d said on Genii. I did send him one reply in the end, just to shut him up, it pointed to him to a post on the magicden.co.uk forum (which no longer seems to exist). On there was a full review of CUCM, with a big list of who Harry stole the tricks from forgot to credit by mistake.

I thought that was it, but he either didn’t get my email or chose to ignore it and kept emailing me…

I ignored the dozy twat and finally he went away… for about a year.

Then I got the following, really well written (lol) email…

Hey – what the hell ever happened to you, and your diarrhea-spouting mouth?!! Sure would like to hear about all those things you ranted about, publicly, re: credits Mr. Harry Lorayne supposedly did not give. Where the hell are you when hes want to give those credits, you goddamn imbecile, son of a bitch? Why not back up your brainless bullshit? You, of course, must know what you are – you’re a low-life cocksucker. One day, you’re going to get your stupid diarrhea-spouting, silly, stupid, ridiculous, cocksucking mouth, shoved up your ass. Listen, you prick: You opened your cocksucking mouth – now back it up. I’m doing this for Mr. Lorayne – he told me to forget it, that he’s used to fucking idiots like you. But I feel better letting you know what a fucking lowlife you are. Mr. L said, and I quote, “We need people like this stupid putz, because next to him all other putzes, all other pricks, all other lowlife bastards, look like nice people!” So how about backing up those goddamn idiot remarks you made about Mr. L. You stupid son of a bitch? CHARLES BROOKS. I’ll wait patiently for your answer, although I doubt if you will answer.

I did answer. But he seems to have ignored my email.

Does anyone know who this idiot is? If you do, I’d keep him away from your wife and kids, I got my money on him being some kind of sex offender.