For the obsessed – Here’s all the stuff that Harry Lorayne forgot to credit in Close Up Card Magic

For those still obsessed with a post I made on Genii forum two or three years ago, here is a partial list of crediting ommissions made in Close Up Card Magic.

I could sit and write up a full list and cover other books by the same author, but frankly I have more important things to do like absolutely everything else.

Revelation – A direct lift from Royal Road to card magic where it is known as “design for laughter”. No credit is given and the only difference is that you put coins on the three cards.

Take me to your leader – A Walter Cummings effect, which is a clever four ace assembly effect but Lorayne sloppily credits with reference to the Braue addition saying “I believe, is called tha “Add-On”.

Lorayne’s ambitious card routine – Uses “Tommy Tuckers bluff pass”, which is not credited at all and also the one handed top change from expert card technique, Vernons paint brush change” and the push through and cut deeper idea from Royal road to card magic.

Little Fella – Big Fella – Ripped from the Pallbearers review/Daleys Notebooks. The effect is “automatic poker” by vernon and Judah with no credit at all.

In the side pocket – An iffy (at best) variation of Vernons “out of sight out of mind”, of course the Vernon effect is given no mention.

Out of this universe – Based on the Paul Curry effect, but no mention is made of Paul Curry, although in this case it might not be a bad thing as the original Curry trick is magical, whereas this version is so dull that by the end of all the shuffling your audience have probably pissed off home and will miss the conclusion.

Flash Aces – Lorayne admits that that someone told him it was very similar to someone elses effect, he disagrees but gives no reference to allow you to make a descision.

Fan Prediction #2 – The force used here called “the lorayne force” is the Hofzinser force from Hofzinsers card conjuring.

Lost and found aces – Vanish and production of the aces uses the Braue reversal, but once again no credit given for the move.

Red ace – black ace – This is Daleys last trick with no credit and also no credit is given to J.N.Hofzinser for his two card catch idea.

Lorayne’s Challenge – This is a stop trick using the Johnny Benzai’s Card Cop. Lorayne fails to tell us that JB stands for Johnny Benzai’s.

Aces Wild is a Dai Vernon trick from the inner secrets of card magic and it’s not even a variation – it IS the same trick.

“This is Mind reading?” was published in Greater Magic which was published somewhere around the mid 1930s. As I recall, there is no credit for the idea but it’s suggested that it belongs to Jean Hugard.

“Lorayne’s Poker Deal” belongs to Martin Gardner and Ed Marlo. Published in ‘Lets see the deck” mid 40s. It is the Gardner/Marlo trick verbatim.

“The lazy Man’s card trick” This is not Al Koran’s trick. It was first published in a Rufus Steele book years prior to Close up card Magic.

“Stop.” is from Scarne on Cards, and I believe a Rufus Steele book as well.

As I said at the outset, this is a PARTIAL list, but its enough to prove a point.

Hopefully after years of frustration the obsessed can now get some sleep!